Neighborhood Node Developers Program

The Neighborhood Node Network needs developers for node-based applications and service programs. Critical needs are for LAMP familiar software programmers, social service experts, nonprofit admins and property specialists. Interested individuals or groups should contact Dane at the the Neighborhood Node Center in Tempe.

Neighborhood Node Center
230 West Baseline Suite 106
Tempe AZ 85283
480 755-1035

Disaster Preparedness is important for all Neighborhoods! nnnlogo-s

The NNN Channels
will keep your Node live and useful in the event of a natural disaster that breaks the grid 


Introducing the
Neighborhood Node™

Grassroots Community Infrastructure
Neighbors for Neighbors:

Neighborhood Node is the name given to a package of open source based software programs used in neighborhood organization.

Neighborhood Node Centers offer group self-help programs utilizing the software that address fundamental needs for residential communities. Organized around a facility-based WLAN connected to the Internet, they are able to utilize neglected resources to improve food, health, social and economic conditions in their area. These are envisioned as Grassroots Community Infrastructure provided by neighbors for neighbors:

WiFi Internet Access
Facility Operations Program
Social Program
Gardening and Food Program
Home-based Business Program

These programs are complementary and synergistic, adding value many times their cost.


Neighborhood Node™ CD

    WiFi Internet Access

    The Neighborhood Node Network is the umbrella network organization. Each NNC has broadband Internet access available to members via a mesh networked 802.11b/g wlan. Monthly fees are for participation in the network (Internet access) and all NNC programs. Additional fees for specific services or events may apply.   (WiFi related links)

    Facility Operations Program

    The facility operations strategy is based on cost sharing through sub-leasing or contract space provision to service-oriented nonprofit organizations and individuals. In line with these objectives a national organization promoting Multi-tenant nonprofit centers supports many aspects of starting and maintaining this type of center.  (facility related links)

    Social Program

    Preschool Children

    Child development is the focus of Neighborhood Node based chapters of SmartStart Organization, organized specifically to address developmental activity issues of critical importance to families. Numerous existing organizations can partner with this program.  (child related links)

    Home School

    Home schooling is allowed in many states. Now established for many years there are
    numerous groups offering support for home shooling families. Neighborhood Nodes will support a variety of technologies as they are requested by the memebers. (home school related links)

    Aging Services

    Many households need assistance for aging adults who are at risk for sudden health crisis. Wearable communications devices based on 802.11 and an easy-to-use video visiting system are anticipated uses benefiting older neighbors.  (aging related links)

    Gardening and Food Program

    Permaculture is the land use philosophy advocated by the Neighborhood Node Center. Gardening and food issues are the focus of Permaculture Guild chapters that operate through the NNC. (permaculture related links)

    Home-based Business Program

    Doing business from the home is necessary for many families and preferred by many others. Broadband Internet access combined with the NNC makes global marketing affordable for all families whether selling on eBay or through their own eCommerce website.  (ebay related links)

    Designing web-based storefronts for service businesses operated from the home is needed for many members. Service systems integrating wifi components with local support and specialized knowledge accessed through the Internet can be branded like mass market products for easier marketing communications. This means that a standardized website can support multiple NNC operations spread across the world
    . (store related links)


    Neighborhood Node

      Off lease computers loaded with software for organizing and serving.

    Neighbor Node

      Off-the-shelf WLAN router reprogrammed with a disussion board for your neighbors.

    Remote Web Hosting

      Prebuilt web portal included with each Neighborhood Node Package

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